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Cabal sucks btw!

Ok, as my first technical post, I have to write about cabal.
Cabal is a system for building and packaging Haskell libraries and programs.
In theory, it's very easy to install haskell libs and programs trough cabal: Just run cabal-install followed by your desired program => cabal-install foo

But well, I had some difficulties, getting cabal all set up.
Cabal just didn't want to work correctly on Windows, Mac and some Linux distros.
The only distro where I get cabal-install more ore less running was on Debian 5, after trying over 5 hours!
And srry, maybe cabal is very powerful, but when it doesn't work correctly on most systems and when it works, it doesn't work correctly then srry, it sucks.

Unfortunately, my Mac is broken (it hopefully gets repaired) and I have no Linux running at the moment (I lend a good friend of mine my other notebook) so now I have just Windows, so I can't reproduce the error messages.

I won't use cabal again, till the new version of the Haskell Platform gets released. Sorry guys, but you have a lot to improve on it!

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