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Investigating the school architecture

Ok, normally you would think that the IT architecture is pretty "secure" so that students can't get access to the complete machine.
Only their storage and the programs should be accessible. But the school doesn't want that students could view the program files, or the files of C: in general. No administrative actions should be possible, even System Information are in general blocked. Yes, in general...
But, I found today a way to view the System Information of a PC, logged in as a normal student. I could see the MAC Address, Name in the Network and so on. I even could access the C: drive, just read rights, but that's more than enough when you know what you have to do to get access to the system.
I'm investigating this case a bit more, till I got administrative rights over the system and then I have to see where it's going.
Maybe I fail, maybe not, I will keep you up-to-date.

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