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The Warzone Project

What is the Warzone Project?

The Warzone Project is an attempt of PS:One and HacDC to create a Darknet, which connects all Hackerspaces at the world.
The idea behind this is to build up a Community "Platform" for the hackerspaces. A place where they can share their files, connect to each other and so on
and not using other services, where we don't know what they're doing with our data and to keep our privacy.
But also to create a sandbox for IT-Security researcher, where they don't have to worry about compromising another one's system and information and
to have some "CTF" fun.
The networks of dn42, ChaosVPN and Agora Link are already participating in this darknet.

So, the Warzone is the sandbox of this darknet for CTF, Security Research Groups, Hackerspaces and all kind of people interested in IT-Security.

So how will syn2cat.lu participate in this darknet/Warzone?

So, the first idea is to join the darknet, to become part of the big international community of hackers, sharing files and so on.
A problem is the Warzone:
We don't have enough people (and mostly experienced people) to actually participate in the Warzone project yet. So, to actually do something
in the direction of IT-Security, the idea was to organize so called "workshops* where we get together and work together to learn one specific thing
of IT-Security, organizing talks and so on. Because, learning in a group and learning from talking with other people, is by far more productive than
simply reading a book, alone in the corner of your house.

So when are these "workshops"?

So, first, please give me times and dates, where all of you interested in the Warzone Project, have time to come by, so that I can build a timetable.

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