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I don't understand why school just has this fanatic obsession to block everything, a student could spend his free time?
Sometimes, you're earlier finished with your work than the rest of the class but you can't exactly do on the net what you want!
Shoudln't the teachers spend more time in the courses and/or paying attention and helping the students? Most of the time, when students are on Facebook etc in school, then it's because they don't understand what they have to do and/or they're already finished.
When they're on the net when they should do their work, then it's up to the teacher to find that out and to do sth against it.
And not simply blocking everything funny they find.
When students don't want to work, they find other ways to kill time than just facebook. Believe me. Or they find other ways to get on Facebook and co. *Proxy what?*

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